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Podstar Diablo for iPod nano

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  • Podstar Diablo for iPod nano

Sometimes a case is about more than protecting your iPod -- sometimes it's about the choices you make. Sure, you could buy any of the number of silicone cases on the market and you'd end up with a perfectly safe, reliable choice. But what would it say about you? Now, on the other hand, imagine you pick up Podstar's Diablo for iPod nano. Question answered.

For the most part, the Diablo is your standard silicone "skin" iPod case. There are openings for the screen, Click Wheel, and hold switch, and an open bottom to access your nano's dock connector and headphone jack. The silicone is of medium thickness and feels resilient. It's also been coated with the anti-dirt treatment that's all the rage in silicone nowadays. Like many other skin cases, the Diablo comes with clear plastic adhesive protectors for the screen and Click Wheel.

With the formalities out of the way, let's move on to what sets the Diablo apart: horns and a tail. About halfway up the screen, two small silicone "horns" protrude from either side, and on the back, at the bottom, a devil's tail wends its way upwards. In addition, the Diablo comes with a matching lanyard. But instead of the quick-release clip favored by most lanyards, the Diablo's two halves unscrew. It's not quite as fast to remove it, but it seems less likely to come apart accidentally. The lanyard attaches via a halter knot to a silicone loop at the top of the case.

One thing I noticed was that the method Podstar used to attach the tail to the back of the case is not terribly secure. Even pulling on the tail slightly was enough to start to rip it off, and when I was taking the iPod out later, the tail came off in my hands. In other words, that stylish tail may not last long.

The Diablo is a decent silicone case, but its main selling point is pure gimmick, and not a very well-made gimmick at that. Unless you're truly in love with showing off your devilish side, there are plenty of other silicone cases that will serve the same purpose for less money.--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Podstar Diablo for iPod nano

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