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iMojo nano Sweats

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  • iMojo nano Sweats

Like the original iPod shuffle, the nano is a popular workout companion thanks to its small size and skip-free flash memory. But -- also like the shuffle -- you have to figure out a way to carry it while working out. Armbands are popular, but, as we noted when we reviewed the iMojo shuffle Sweats last year, armbands have drawbacks: It's difficult to see your iPod when it's near your shoulder; it can be a hassle to wear an armband on the upper arm with shirts that have sleeves; and some armbands can be uncomfortable -- they rub against your torso during exercise, leaving a nice raw spot afterwards.

As a result, we really like forearm armbands, and iMojo's shuffle Sweats were among our favorite workout accessories. So much so that even though we liked Carrie Scott's nano-fitting JamBands, we were hoping iMojo would give us a nano version of the Sweats. The company has finally done so, and the new nano Sweats do their predecessors proud.

Using the same terry-cloth cotton "sweatband" approach -- this time four inches wide -- nano Sweats hold your iPod nano, protected behind a clear, flexible piece of PVC, on your forearm. You can position the band so your nano faces outwards or inwards. (I prefer the latter, so I don't accidentally bump my iPod against the equipment at the gym.) Your nano slides into the PVC sleeve and is kept in place by four rubber flaps, two at each end. These flaps seem fairly loose, but once the Sweat is on your arm, they're actually quite secure. The longer flap protects your nano's dock-connector port, while the shorter one covers its headphone jack; you simply pull a flap back to access the connector underneath. The flaps are designed so that you can insert your nano in either direction.

Like shuffle Sweats, nano Sweats include a pair of hard-silicone "anchors" around which you can wrap and fasten your headphone cable to keep it just long enough to reach your ears without getting tangled or caught during your workout; you can also use these anchors to wrap your headphone cable completely for storage. And, of course, nano Sweats are machine washable.

Nano Sweats are sold in packs of two -- white/white, black/black, or white/black -- and in two sizes, standard or XL (the latter for those with larger forearms). Although you might wonder why you need two, I've found that it's nice to have an extra; after all sweatbands get, well, sweaty.

--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • Arm band/sweatband for iPod nano

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