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Moftware iPod nano Jacket w/Trim

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  • Moftware iPod nano Jacket w/Trim

Your could do worse in predicting the appearance of iPod cases than to look at the fashion industry. The high-contrast white stitching and black leather of Moftware's iPod Jacket with trim reminds me of nothing so much as a hip pair of jeans. Unfortunately, though the iPod Jacket -- which fits the first-generation iPod nano only -- may be chic, it leaves something to be desired in terms of protection.

The iPod Jacket is made from black leather sewn together with prominent white stitching. Openings are left for your iPod's screen and Click Wheel; you insert your nano into the case via the case's open bottom, which leaves the dock-connector port and headphone jack accessible. A small strap of leather at the top joins the front and back of the case, and the interior of the iPod Jacket is felt-lined to prevent scratching of the nano's exterior.

In terms of accessibility, with the exception of the hold switch, your iPod's controls are easy enough to get to while in the case. Turning the hold function on was easy enough, but I couldn't turn it off easily, as the leather strap on the top obscured the right-hand side of the switch.

On the protection side, the iPod Jacket has a few more shortcomings. The design of the case leaves the nano's corners more exposed than I would like, but a far bigger problem is the total lack of screen protection. The open hole is an invitation to scratching the nano's display. The lack of Click Wheel protection is also bothersome, though that element of the iPod is not nearly as damage-prone as the screen.

Despite its stylings, the iPod Jacket falls short in many ways. If you value protection over aesthetics, you're probably better off looking elsewhere for a case. If you can't resist the case's siren song, at least invest in some adhesive film to cover the nano's screen.--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Moftware iPod nano Jacket w/Trim

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