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  • Neat Products Hangman

More than a few Mac pundits have noted that iPods have become as much fashion accessories as they are music players, and the folks at Neat Products have taken these proclamations to heart with the Hangman. A simple, practical, and elegant accessory, the Hangman lets you to dangle your iPod safely -- meaning it won't fall; it can still get banged up -- from just about anything you're wearing or carrying, as long there's a strap or hook of some kind.

One end of the 2.25-inch by 1-inch by 0.25-inch Hangman attaches securely to your iPod's dock-connector port. (You press a release button at the base of the Hangman to remove it from your iPod.) At the other end is a shiny silver shackle that looks like the ones you see on small padlocks and hooks onto whatever you like -- a belt buckle or loop, a purse strap, a backpack, or even a large zipper pull. To use the hook, you twist the hard-rubber body of the Hangman; this creates an opening between the shackle and the body, no bigger than 1/4 inch, that lets you hook onto the desired object. When you let go, the shackle automatically returns to its closed position and drops slightly into a hole -- like a padlock -- that, together with the tough, hard rubber, provides a bit of security against accidental openings, even with full-size iPods. (Although these heavier iPods will of course pull on whatever they're hanging from more than an iPod nano.)

The body of the hangman, in between the shackle and the dock-connector clip, provides a place to wrap your excess headphone cord -- a handy notch near the top secures the cable in place. Extra design points go to Neat Products for ensuring that the iPod hangs upside-down, so you can quickly flip it up and use it -- right-side-up -- without unhooking it. Neat Products has come up with a unique carrying solution that many iPod users will find as practical as it is fashionable.--Jeff Merron

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  • Carrying hook for dockable iPods.

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