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CoverCase Flip for iPod nano

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  • CoverCase Flip for iPod nano

For many people, iPods have become not just music players, but status symbols, or at least fashion accessories. So it's no surprise that there are plenty of cases to enhance that particular aspect of the iPod's existence. CoverCase's Flip for the second-generation (2G) iPod nano is just such a, well, case.

Made from "soft snake like leather" (the company's description), the Flip's slim, elegant design wouldn't look out of place in a snazzy leather purse next to your wallet. Like all flipcases, the nano's display and controls are inaccessible when the front flap (the flipcover) is closed; that flap is secured, in this case, with a pair of magnets embedded in the leather. The flipcover does, however, leave the hold switch accessible thanks to a small notch at the top, and your iPod's dock-connector port and headphone jack are likewise exposed. Both the flipcover and the Flip's back panel are reinforced with stiff material, which helps keep your nano protected when the case is closed. The interior is suede-lined, featuring a leather harness/pouch for the nano with openings for the Click Wheel and screen.

The harness does an acceptable job of keeping the iPod in place, though it only comes up to the bottom of the nano's screen. The sides of the nano adjacent to the screen are left exposed, and there's no protection for the screen itself, should you accidentally drop the whole thing when the flap is open. I also detected some minor flaws in the construction of the case: the flipcover doesn't quite bend where it was intended to, so there were some small tears in the seams where it ended up hinging. The bottom of the case also leaves parts of the nano's sides vulnerable, though it's unlikely to be a problem in most situations.

Overall, the Flip is a fairly well-constructed case, though I suspect it will appeal mostly to those who admire the chic faux-snakeskin design. As far as flip-style cases go, its protective features are about par for the course.
--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • CoverCase Flip for iPod nano

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