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Marware Sportsuit Runabout for iPod nano

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  • Marware Sportsuit Runabout for iPod nano

Aimed mainly at runners, Marware's Sportsuit Runabout for the second-generation (2G) iPod nano is a neoprene wristband case that keeps your iPod secure and accessible while you're on the go. An included Velcro extension strap also allows you to turn it into an armband, if you prefer.

The main case for the Sportsuit Runabout is constructed from Marware's Orca Skin, a slick, smooth version of neoprene. The nano sits behind a flexible, clear-plastic window, through which you can access all the functions of the Click Wheel. You insert the nano via a small slit in the back; fortunately, the case is stretchy, which makes putting in or taking out the nano easy. A small outline on the top shows you where the hold switch is. At the bottom of the Runabout is a hole for accessing the nano's headphone jack, but its dock-connector port is inaccessible.

The Runabout is fairly comfortable, though I found the plastic buckle to pinch a bit if I tightened it too much, and if I positioned the case too far forward it hit my wrist bone unpleasantly; your mileage may vary. The lack of access to the dock-connector port makes the Runabout unsuitable for anyone who wishes to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit; you'll have to shell out a little more for Marware's Sportsuit Relay to get Sport Kit compatibility.

Though I didn't think the nano's hold switch would work through the case, it turns out it's somewhat usable, though hardly convenient, especially while the Runabout is on your wrist or arm. I also didn't have much hope for the armband, which attaches to the wristband via Velcro, but the two held together surprisingly securely in my testing.

Overall, although the Runabout has its quirks, it's a solid entry in the exercise case category. It would be nice if your iPod's hold switch was a little more accessible, and if the case was a little more comfortable on the wrist, but the first is a minor gripe and the second one may be merely a personal issue.
--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Marware Sportsuit Runabout for iPod nano

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