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  • iDisguise

In today's world, where many of us carry several expensive devices on our person at all times, theft is a rapidly increasing concern. Some authorities have gone so far as to try and link iPods themselves with an increase in crime rates; although such a link has yet to be proven, most of us would still like to avoid having our iPod stolen.

The iDisguise is a novel solution to the problem, based on the idea that hiding your iPod may be more effective than trying to secure it. The iDisguise looks not like your usual iPod case, but rather like a small tin of mints, down to the smallest of details: the front is emblazoned with your choice of "Wintergreen Candy Mints" or "Peppermint Candies," and the back even features realistic-looking Nutrition Facts. The foam-lined interior provides a snug compartment designed for a first- or second-generation iPod nano, though you can also (loosely) fit a first- or second-generation iPod shuffle.

What you won't find on the iDiguise is any way to actually use your iPod while it's in the case: there's no opening for the iPod's screen or Click Wheel, or even its headphone jack. The iDisguise is strictly a storage case, and purposely so -- iDisguise claims that the most likely time for your iPod to be stolen is not when you're using it, but merely storing it: in your room, on your desk, or in your car, for example. So when you stow away your iPod, you just slap it in the iDisguise.

The idea is clever, and it certainly beats leaving your iPod lying around in the open. That said, it's worth pointing out that the iDisguise won't stand up to close scrutiny (for example, if the thief reads the text on the back of the tin carefully), or if the thief is familiar with the iDisguise. There's also the risk that an office-mate who's fond of mints might swipe your tin and end up with a new iPod instead of the expected candy. But for casual deterrence, the iDisguise just might work. Of course, you could always make a similar case of your own, but for those who aren't inclined, $10 is hardly an outrageous price to pay to keep your several hundred dollar investment safe.
--Dan Moren

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At a Glance
  • Storage case that looks like a mint tin.

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