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Shure Music Phone Adapter MPA-3C

At a Glance
  • Shure Music Phone Adapter MPA-3C

Shure's Music Phone Adapter has an easy-to-use button and good sound quality, if slightly noisier than Griffin's SmartTalk. Unfortunately, the adapter doesn't have an integrated clip, going instead with a plastic clip that's itself clipped onto its headphone cable. The result is that the adapter's microphone/button module, while an attactive, tapered shape, tends to flop around. The adapter's mini plug felt extremely stable, with a extended plug that turns at a 45-degree angle, helping to reinforce the adapter cable. However, if the plug was pointed in the wrong direction, its angle would catch on the edge of my pocket when I was putting my phone away, pulling the entire adapter out of the iPhone. While the Shure adapter is still quite good, its $50 price tag is also more than double that of competing products.--Jason Snell

At a Glance
  • Lets you use any set of headphones with iPhone, by adding microphone and remote-control clicker.

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