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SwitchEasy Capsule iPhone

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  • SwitchEasy Capsule iPhone

When we reviewed previous SwitchEasy cases, we noted that those products stood out for offering a better value than similar--and similarly-priced--products from other vendors. SwitchEasy's Capsule iPhone continues that trend by including a slew of accessories in the package.

The case itself, available in black, white, limited-edition pink, and limited-edition "military green," consists of a front piece and a rear piece. The bottom of the front piece wraps around the back of the iPhone, where it connects to the back part of the shell and locks in place--literally. There's actually a small, spring-loaded clasp that keeps the two pieces of the case firmly connected to each other; even when I dropped my Capsule-encased iPhone onto hard surfaces, the clasp never came undone, and this front-and-back design lessens the chance that you'll scratch your iPhone while putting it in and taking it out of the case. The bottom of the case looks much like the bottom of the Incase Slider, but you can still use dock-cradle accessories without having to remove your iPhone from the case; SwitchEasy even includes a Universal dock adapter for use with the Capsule.

But, as I mentioned, it's the accessories that made the Capsule iPhone unique. In addition to the dock adapter, SwitchEasy includes a headphone adapter (for using any headphones with the iPhone's recessed headphone jack); two "accented" screen protectors; a clear screen protector; a cleaning cloth; six Tactile Touch pads; and a plastic dock-connector plug. The limited-edition models (pink and military green) also include a small stand for watching videos on your iPhone.

Some of these accessories--for example, the headphone and dock adapters--are very useful. I also like the variety of screen protectors. The clear covering is your basic static-adhesive screen covering with openings for the receiver speaker and the Home button. The two accented protectors cover all of your iPhone's front, including the metal around the edges and the Home button; covering the Home button keeps dust from finding its way inside your iPhone. These accented protectors also let you customize the look of your case; for example, on the military green model, you get green or tan accents. Because the accented protectors cover the Home button, you first apply two of the included Tactile Touch pads to your Home button; these pads raise the button's profile so you can use it "by touch" even when it's covered by the protector.

The dock-connector plug, on the other hand, isn't as useful. It fits loosely enough in the dock-connector port that it popped out when I dropped the case onto the ground. And the fit and finish of the Capsule iPhone isn't quite as good as that of some of the other SwitchEasy Capsules I've seen. For example, the edges around the openings for the Ring/Silent switch, the headphone jack, and the Sleep/Wake button are sharp, rather than the much-smoother edges on the Eco Shield and Slider. Still, it's a solid case that fits well and comes with lots of extras.
--Dan Frakes

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At a Glance
  • SwitchEasy Capsule iPhone

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