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  • Connected Flow Exposure

Connected Flow's Exposure puts the world of Flickr, Yahoo's popular photo-sharing service, at your fingertips with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to not just show off your own photos, but also to explore the latest snapshots from your friends and the larger Flickr community.

The program's intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate your online collections without too many clicks. However, I wish you could see whether a photo has comments without having to switch to the detail view. I was also frustrated by the fact that long titles (longer than 24 characters or so) get cut off without any way of viewing them other than switching to Safari. Some users may be annoyed by the presence of small ads, which appear at the top of many pages. Although I didn't find the ads too disruptive (there's never more than one per screen), Connected Flow also offers an ad-free version, Exposure Premium, for $10 if you'd prefer to eliminate them completely.--Kelly Turner

At a Glance
  • Flickr browser

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