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iFrogz iPhone 3G Luxe

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  • iFrogz iPhone 3G Luxe

PROS: Stylish; tight but excellent fit; light; comes in a variety of colors; well engineered.

CONS: Two-piece case leaves a bump on the back where the pieces meet, making the iPhone wobble if used on a flat surface; tight fit means the case is a bit tricky to put on and take off; hard to apply screen protector without creating bubbles.

The iFrogz Luxe case really complements the iPhone 3G -- the colors are sharp, and the two-piece design leaves all the key buttons easily accessible. I had no trouble dragging icons or typing, as the edge of the case isn't much higher than the edge of the iPhone itself. A very well engineered and thought out hard case that's thin, light, stylish, and does the job.--Rob Griffiths

At a Glance
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