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Griffin Wave for iPhone 3G

At a Glance
  • Griffin Technology Wave for iPhone 3G

PROS: Stylish; colorful; not bulky; innovative two-piece design; good protection.

CONS: Case is tricky to put on; edges of port openings are a bit sharp; plastic screen overlay sometimes creates "spots" on the display.

The Wave case is tricky to install, as it requires placing the top half both under and over the bottom half. Once installed, though, it stays in place. The case doesn't use a static-cling style screen protector, but rather a loose sheet of plastic that's secured by the upper half of the case. A couple of times, when pressing down on the plastic, it adhered to the iPhone's screen, creating contact spots that could only be removed by taking the case off and putting it on again.--Rob Griffiths

At a Glance
  • Hardshell

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