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Contour Design HardSkin for iPhone 3G

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  • Contour Design HardSkin for iPhone 3G

PROS: Two-piece case snaps together securely; smooth surface yet not slippery; all ports accessible; multiple colors available.

CONS: Doesn't include screen film; non-smooth edges around dock connector opening; optional port covers didn't fit perfectly; mute switch very hard to reach when set to mute (fingernails required); case divides main screen area

I really liked the feel of this case, but didn't particularly like the way the case splits the front of the iPhone (a divider separates the top speaker from the rest of the face). The small area left around the speaker is hard to clean, and it just looks a bit odd. On my unit, when the phone had been muted, it was nearly impossible to unmute it, as the switch was resting against the case edge.--Rob Griffiths

At a Glance
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