Screenshots from the iPad

See exactly what Websites, apps, and settings screens look like on the iPad

Macworld as seen on the iPad

A view of the Macworld homepage on Safari.

BBC with missing Flash component

The BBC's "Doctor Who" page looks nice in Safari, except for a blank spot where a Flash element was.

Bookmark drop-down

The Safari bookmarks menu drops down from the address bar in Safari on the iPad.

E-mail from Apple

The inbox on the iPad Mail app with a preview on the right side of the screen.

Compose yourself

Writing an email in the Mail app with the full keyboard.

iPad worthy tunes

Choosing music from the iPad iTunes library.

Save the date

The Day view on the iPad's calendar opens up like a book with a list of events on the right.

Get meeting details

One tap on an event the Calendar app's Week view brings up additional details.

Taking notes

Like the iPhone, the iPad's Notes app only lets you use the Marker Felt font.

Don't stop for directions

The Maps app shows step-by-step directions to your location on top of the full map.

A perfect screen for YouTube

Looking for entertaining videos in the iPad's YouTube app.

Oh, bother

Customizing the font view on a "Winnie the Pooh" book (left) and searching for text in the book (right).

What's in a word?

Text can be easily highlighted within a passage (left) and quickly defined, using the dictionary feature on the iPad (right).

Setting the scene

Joining a Wi-Fi network (left) and switching Notification features on/off (right) on the iPad.

The perfect picture

Choosing a wallpaper on the iPad (left) and displaying personal photos for the Picture Frame settings (right).

In general...

General settings on the iPad (left), as well as mail, contacts, and calendar settings (right).

For your entertainment

Settings for your iPod (left) and Safari (right).

Worth a thousand words

Video settings (left) allows you to determine when to begin playing your video, as well as turning on/off wide screen, and photo settings (right) include timing, repeating, and shuffling options.

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