Apple reveals the new iPhone OS 4.0

Apple previewed its new updated operating system for the iPhone

No sleep 'til Apple

Just a week after Apple made the iPad available to consumers, the company held a press event to preview its next operating system for the iPhone, iPhone 4.0.

A little relish on the side

The event started out with a quick iPad update from Jobs—as of today, Apple has sold 450,000 iPads, and one million iPad apps were downloaded in the first 24 hours after its public debut.

Law of large numbers

To date, more than 3.5 million iPad apps and 600 thousand iBooks have been downloaded from the App Store. More than 4 billion apps have been downloaded in all.

Onto the good stuff

Jobs listed some of the new OS's 100-plus new user features, including a 5x zoom-in camera app, a geotagging photo feature, changeable wallpaper for the Home screen, and Bluetooth keyboard usage.

A box full of goodies

Moving on to an SDK slide, Jobs talked about the more than 1500 new developer APIs that are available for the iPad, including calendar access, photo library, access to still and video camera data, Quick Look, in-app SMS, and the over 2000 APIs for hardware-accelerated math functions.

On the Jobs...

Steve Jobs discusses the iPhone 4.0 SDK.

Home sweet home

When you drag one app on top of another on the 4.0 Home screen, the iPhone automatically creates a folder. The folder gets a name based on the app categories.

Tap on!

The gaming app called Tap Tap 3 Revenge, developed by Tapulous, on the iPhone. Later this year, Apple plans on bringing a social gaming network to the iPhone.

Switching it up

The app switcher feature on the iPhone. The ability to multitask is one of the most eagerly anticipated iPhone 4.0 features. Learn more about multitasking on the iPhone here.

Let's get organized

Making a folder of game apps on the iPhone 4.0.

Advertising made easy

Jobs unveiled Apple's new mobile advertising platform, iAd. With iAd, developers will be able to include ads directly in their apps. The hope is that ad revenue will allow developers to create more free and low-cost apps for the App Store. Learn more about iAd here.

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