CoverScout 3.3 update adds SongGenie 2 integration

has released its latest version of CoverScout, which now features integration with SongGenie 2. If the cover art in your iTunes library looks anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed a widespread grey music notation symbol in place of real album art. This is a common problems for those who rip their own CDs or get them from, ahem, other places.

CoverScout scans your iTunes library for missing covers and searches online for fitting cover art, turning iTunes’ Cover Flow feature into something actually useful. Along with sprucing up your music library, CoverScout also offers custom-fit print templates so you can print out CD covers and inlays for burned CDs—way cooler than simply giving someone a CD-R in an unmarked case.

New in CoverScout 3.3 is integration with Equinux’s SongGenie 2, which analyzes your iTunes library, looking for untitled and misspelled tracks, as well as tracks without lyrics, and spruces them up by automatically correcting these issues. If you’re analyzing a song in CoverScout, you can now jump straight to the track in SongGenie 2 to make sure the track information is correct, thus ensuring that you get the correct album art as well.

Such a clean and tidy iTunes library comes at a price, however. CoverScout 3.3 costs $40, but is a free update for CoverScout 3 users (SongGenie 2 goes for $30).

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