Configuring the default iCal invitation account

Reader Lasse is having some difficulty with iCal events. Said Lasse writes:

I hardly ever send iCal event invitations to anyone but today it happened again. I created an iCal event, added the invitees, and pressed Send. Afterwards I noticed that the invitation was sent from my MobileMe account and not my work account, both of which are defined in Mail. As it was a work-related invitation I would have preferred using my work address. Do you know if there is a way to define the used mailbox in iCal or do I just have to copy and paste the invitation to an e-mail message?

This is confounding to a lot of people and I’ve seen solutions tossed around Apple’s Discussion Forums that include mucking with your Address Book card so that a particular address appears first and reordering the list of e-mail accounts in Mail’s Accounts preference so the one you wish to send events from appears first. Neither worked for me.

What did work was to open Mail’s Composing preference and configure the Send New Message From pop-up menu so that it contains the address I want to send iCal events from.

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