Paragon gives away 50,000 free licenses of HFS for Windows

Sharing files between a PC and a Mac has never been pretty. It’s gotten better over the years, with the advent of cloud storage and flash drives, but there are still challenges to overcome. Enter Paragon Software, which specializes in software to make Mac and PC files get along. For the frugal among you, the company is now giving away 50,000 free licenses of its HFS for Windows Software (normally one part of its $40 NTFS for Mac OS X product).

Announced Monday in a blog post, Paragon reasoned that “we don’t think anyone should be without an application that can make Apple products readable on a PC.” HFS for Windows provides read-access to any HFS+ file system from your PC (including the hidden files on your iPod—though the iPod Touch, and presumably the iPhone, are excluded). The driver can be downloaded from the company’s Website in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

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