Audi A1 Beat Driver combines racing with rhythm

Maybe you can drive. And maybe you can keep a beat. But can you do both at the same time?

Combining traditional racing game mechanics with the rhythm-based gameplay of Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge, AUDI AG's Audi A1 Beat Driver (opens in iTunes) is not your typical iPhone game. Add to this the fact that it's free, and you have something definitely worth checking out.

The game revolves around collecting markers and avoiding hazards in your Audi A1 while speeding through a trippy 3D world where everything happens to the beat of the music. You can increase your score by collecting bonus icons and by clearing your multiplier gauge (AKA “Star Power”) to boost your multipliers and achieve the highest score possible.

A major feature of this app is the free music that comes with it. Featured bands include Metric, La Roux, and Lo-Fi-Fnk, among others, for a total of nine free songs. The app also includes a global leader board and lets you post your scores to Facebook and Twitter.

Check out a video of Audi A1 Beat Driver in action:

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