Free Spanning Sync 3.1 update adds syncing improvements

Spanning Sync v3.1 is now available as a free, automatic update for all existing users. Spanning Sync allows users to sync their iCal calendars and Address Book contacts with Google, making it possible to update your calendar via Google and re-sync it to your Macs, distribute calendar data via Google Apps, sync calendars between multiple computers, and more.

With this new update, Spanning Sync now syncs contact URLs. Contacts synced from Google with a company name but no first, middle, or last name now show up as business contacts in Address Book. Spanning Sync now displays a warning when Apple Sync Services doesn't respond after 10 minutes instead of canceling the sync. The update also addresses a change in Mac OS X that could interrupt syncs if the Internet connection cuts out.

Spanning Sync costs $25 for a one-year subscription, or $65 for a one-time purchase.

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