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Griffin Elan Passport for iPad

At a Glance
  • Griffin Technology Elan Passport (for original iPad)

Griffin’s Elan Passport is a folio case for the iPad that wraps the device in black leather style. On the inside of the rigid front cover there’s room to tuck business cards and papers. You secure the cover by sliding a wraparound strap through a loop on the cover, though when the case is open, the strap flaps around a bit and can get in the way of the iPad's screen.

To secure the iPad into the Elan Passport, you use four straps: two stiff, leather straps and two with elastic bands. Though you can connect Apple's dock cable while your iPad is in the case, you need to remove the iPad to use it with an iPad dock; thankfully, it’s fairly easy to insert and remove the iPad. On the other hand, the positioning of the Elan Passport’s straps means those straps cover the iPad’s sleep button, orientation-lock switch, and internal microphone.

If you can accept that limitation, the Elan Passport is a basic, functional leather folio that covers your iPad’s screen and gives it a touch of business class.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Businesslike appearance
    • Padded front


    • Bulky
    • Straps cover some controls and ports
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