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NewerTech iFolio for iPad

At a Glance
  • NewerTech iFolio (for original iPad)

NewerTech’s iFolio is a folio-style iPad case that also features a detachable shoulder strap. The iFolio provides a classy, black-leather look (and yes, it's real leather), and the case's rigid front cover is padded for extra protection. On the inside of the front cover are two pockets for business cards and the like, as well as a larger pocket for other materials. You close the case via a high-quality metal zipper.

Getting an iPad into the case took a little bit of work. You attach the iPad via four corner straps, and it’s a bit of a tight fit that pinched my fingers. The good news is, once the iPad is strapped in, it's undoubtedly secure. (Unfortunately, the case is bulky enough that you’ll probably want to remove the case regularly.)

The good news on that front is that none of the straps cover any of the iPad’s buttons, switches, or ports. And you can use the iPad perfectly well from within the case, though it’s really best when laid on a flat surface such as a conference-room table.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Professional, high-quality styling
    • Padded front cover


    • Difficult to get iPad in and out
    • Bulky
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