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Case-Mate Traveler iPad Felt Folio

At a Glance
  • Case-Mate Traveler iPad Felt Folio (for original iPad)

The Casemate iPad Felt Folio is, as the name says, an iPad folio case covered in soft felt—with some leather accents. It can provide some light protection for your iPad and dress it in a casual, comfy wrapper.

Unfortunately, when you slide an iPad into the Felt Folio’s leather frame, every button and port is covered. Even the home button. You can press down on the leather-like material to activate some of the buttons by feel, but the overall design is a bit ridiculous. Since the headphone jack and dock connector are also covered, the iPad is sorely limited when it’s in this case. You’d be better off slipping your iPad in a sleeve and pulling it out when you reach your destination, rather than using this case.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Soft, casual feel


    • Covers all iPad ports and buttons
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