Apple announces dates for WWDC 2010

Start your credit cards, ladies and gentlemen. On Wednesday, Apple announced dates for its 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference.

Set in the Moscone West conference hall in downtown San Francisco, CA, WWDC 2010 is scheduled for June 7-11. Tickets are $1,600, and judging by the way WWDC has been selling out in recent years, we don’t recommend sitting on the fence for very long.

Various sessions over the week will cover iPhone OS and Mac OS X technologies, though the WWDC 2010 Web site banner denotes a decided focus on the former. Mac OS X 10.7 is one topic that may make an appearance, and the already announced iPhone OS 4.0 will surely be a headliner. Considering that the iPhone 3GS was announced at WWDC 2009, the 3G at WWDC 2008, and the fact that we’ve had a peek at likely prototype of a future iPhone, it seems a safe bet that a fourth generation iPhone may show up as well.

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