Remains of the Day: Mac, Apple IIe poised for comebacks

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If the Internet is any indication, Steve Jobs responds to more of his e-mail than I do of mine, and yet I have to imagine that I'm far less busy than he is. You might say he's better than me, but I prefer to think of it as just another piece of evidence supporting the Robo Jobs hypothesis.

Steve Jobs replies to e-mail about Mac Design Awards (MacStories)

Much was made of the lack of a Mac software category at this year’s annual Apple Design Awards, held at WWDC. What, Steve Jobs worry? Nah. In an e-mail response to one concerned Mac developer, Jobs says that it’s just “the normal cycle of things” and maybe next year will focus on the Mac. He signs off by saying “No hidden meaning here,” which of course has sent every Mac fanboy on the planet poring over the e-mail headers in order to find the message’s hidden meaning. Let Macworld’s crack cryptographers save you some time: if you translate Jobs’s e-mail into Finnish and read it backwards it says “Woz is dead.”

iPad Printing with Mac OS X Server 10.6 (André Aulich)

One Mac OS X Server admin has developed instructions on how to print from your iPad by sending a PDF to an OS X Server machine—that’s one up on Microsoft’s Office 2010 Web apps. Next up: faxing. I mean, come on: the Newton could fax back in 1997. What’s the hold-up, fellas?

Hulu hedges on HTML5 (All Things D)

In a blog post that later mysteriously disappeared (no hidden meaning here!), Hulu said that it was still looking into delivering video via HTML5, but that at the moment the technology doesn’t meet its needs. Among the things it can’t do? Digital rights management. Wow, guess it’s going to be a while before we TV content producers start jumping to—

CBS streaming fall line-up via HTML5 (NewTeeVee)

Say wha? Hey, Huluuuuuuuuuu...

An Apple IIe, an iPad, and Jed (Panic)

Sure, the iPad doesn’t let you multitask third-party applications, but you know what it does do? It lets you load cassette tape code onto an Apple IIe. Talk about backwards compatibility—I’m pretty sure the Microsoft Kin explodes if it’s in the same room as a PC running DOS.

Two weeks of travel, Ten iPad lessons (SlashGear)

Mobile analyst extraordinare Michael Gartenberg followed up his recent business trip with only three smart phones for company with two weeks on the road with nothing but an iPad. Living the laptopless life made his bag lighter and his trips through airport security faster, but he's also got some choice words for the usability of Apple's iWork apps and the process of iTunes file syncing. No word yet on if Gartenberg will take his next business trip toting only an Apple IIc.

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