Moshi TeraGlove keeps your displays squeeky clean

Apple might create some of the most stylish consumer electronics available, but it’s up to you, the user, to keep your Mac looking good. And few things tarnish the image of a shiny MacBook or iPad worse than a dusty, smudge-ridden display. If you want to keep your Mac’s display in pristine condition, the $15 Moshi TeraGlove, a new microfiber cleaning tool, provides an easy way to keep your Mac looking so fresh and so clean.

The TeraGlove is comprised of Moshi’s proprietary Microfiber, which is designed to remove grease and smudges with grace and ease. It can also be turned inside-out, exposing a different type of Microfiber meant for cleaning dust and debris from the screen.

The TeraGlove works with all types of displays and doesn't require any alcohol or solvents that could potentially damage the screen’s anti-reflective coating. In fact, no chemical treatments of any kind are needed for the TeraGlove to work its magic. Simply wipe away to your heart’s content, and after extended use, toss it into your washer with your laundry to prepare it for more screen-cleaning action.

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