Keynote Themes for iPad looks to alleviate formatting issues

Importing a Keynote presentation from Mac to iPad can lead to a number of formatting headaches, and while Apple has addressed these problems with a support document and software update, iPresentee has a solution of its own: Keynote Themes for iPad.

As the name would imply, Keynote Themes for iPad is a set of 33 themes specifically tailored for the iPad. The themes make it easier for you to create entire presentations from your iPad without the need of a computer—a useful ability for the business user on the go—and since the templates are also compatible with Keynote ’09, they should make importing presentations to the iPad far less of a hassle.

The Keynote Themes collection includes a variety of presentation styles with coordinated fonts, colors, backgrounds, bullets and frames. They range from the professional looking "Blue Style" and "Tones of Grey" to the artsier "Chinese Symbols" and "Bamboo Theme". Each theme is available in 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution and work on your Mac the same way as regular themes. You can add, edit, and format text; add photos or movies; and use Keynote's transitions and special effects.

Keynote Themes for iPad is available now for $25 and requires Keynote installed on your iPad or Mac.

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