WebMD makes a house call on the iPad

If you’re looking to research your strange flu-like symptoms, health information provider WebMD has an iPad app for you. Like its visited Website and iPhone app, WebMD for iPad gives you access to detailed information about hundreds of health conditions, from the ordinary to the obscure. What’s more, the new app has an added feature that lets you search local health listings.

Besides searching for various conditions and diseases, you can use WebMD for iPad’s “symptom checker” to create a self-evaluation. You provide a little information about yourself, then tap on the part of the body you’re concerned about. After adding more symptoms, you’ll get a list of possible conditions. You can look up treatment and drug information for each. There’s also a first-aid guide and pill-identification tool (in case you have no idea what that little blue capsule actually is anymore). 

The “local health listings” feature can be useful, too. It provides a map to search for nearby doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. 

WebMD is no substitute for a real doctor, of course, and you should resist the hypochondriacal urge to diagnose yourself. But if you’re looking for a little extra information about your health, WebMD for iPad might be a fun resource.

A free app, WebMD for iPad is available in the App Store.

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