Original Prince of Persia hits the App Store

Old school gamers, rejoice: The original Prince of Persia has made its way to both the iPhone and iPad for $1 at the App Store. Prince of Persia Retro, released to coincide with the new feature film, features all 13 of the original game’s levels in their classic 8-bit glory.

Prince of Persia, which was originally released in 1989 for the Apple II, is a side-scrolling platform game in which you play as a nameless protagonist on a mission to save the sultan’s daughter from a wicked Vizier. The game was wildly popular upon release and has since been ported to countless gaming platforms and has spawned numerous sequels and reboots.

Rather than using the accelerometer, the game designers decided to stay true to the original control scheme, giving you four on-screen directional buttons to control your character. Tap anywhere else on the screen, and the action button is activated. As a bonus, the game also gives you the option to jump to any of the 13 levels from the menu, sparing you the need to play through every level of the game to get to your favorite part.

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