The Mac Sale returns with ten apps for $50

It has barely been three months since The Mac Sale last tempted our wallets. And yet, here it is again with an all-new bundle of apps for one disproportionately low price.

The Mac Sale is put together by brothers Garry and Moray Taylor of The Escapers, developers of Mac apps like Flux 2, which headlines this new bundle. The other nine apps are: revStudio by RunRev, Archive 6 from Yenco, Paperless from Mariner Software, Chronicle from LittleFin, Dropzone from Aptonic, Clean Text from Apimac, WebRemote by Web Remote, Berokyo from Think, Code, Release, and Penguin’s Arena by Frogames.

All ten apps—said to be worth $500—can be yours for $50. The Mac Sale’s press release says that the sale ends on June 15, though the site says it’s June 14 (The Mac Sales has yet to return Macworld’s request for clarification on the sale’s end date). Either way, if you’re interested in even just a couple of these apps, you probably shouldn’t let it idle on your to-do list.

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