Remains of the Day: Flurry backs down, dolphins step up

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Legos are good for more than just toys, and dolphins are poised to take over society as we know it. Oh, and I’m sure it’s all relevant to technology somehow. It’s the remainders for June 2, 2010.

Flurry modifies data collection after being called out by Steve Jobs (AppleInsider)

During his interview at D8 on Tuesday, Steve Jobs took a direct shot at analytics firm Flurry—which creates software that developers work into their programs to collect statistics about users—for not disclosing what it was doing to users and for outing Apple’s prototype devices. Now, Flurry has hurriedly scurried, saying it will no longer collect device data. Is that all it took? Jobs hulking out? JOBS ANGRY! JOBS SMASH!

Awesome Lego printer uses felt-tipped pens, tiny workers (Wired)

Remember when your mom used to bug you to stop playing with Legos and get out of the house? Well, that’s probably because you were too busy making spaceships and robots and not busy enough making an actual working printer. Just one question: what does the dude on the horse do?

Apple’s iPad helps researchers speak with the animals (9 to 5 Mac)

The iPad is apparently so easy to use that dolphins can use it to pick symbols for communicating with humans. Research scientist Jack Kassewitz says, “As this database of dolphin symbols grows, we’ll need fast technology to help us respond appropriately and quickly to the dolphins.” Great. We’ve invented a device that lets marine mammals boss us around. Way to go, humans.

Google adds background images (Google)

Grown bored of the plain white background of Google’s homepage? Spruce it up with a picture of your choice, from your own stores or from a myriad of other choices Google offers you. No doubt this is all part of a sinister plot for Google to collect information on where you took your last vacation.

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