Live Update: 2010 WWDC Keynote

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10:34 - DM: New volume buttons and a mute button. There's a front-facing camera and the receiver. Micro SIM tray is now on the side. Camera+LED flash on the back. Botom has mic, 30-pin connector, and speaker, and the top has headset, #2 mic for noise cancellation, sleep-wake.

10:34 - JS: Noice cancelling mic on top. Nice.

10:34 - DM: "Because there have been a few photos of this around, people have asked 'what's this?'" Pointing to seam.

10:34 - DM: "This doesn't seem like Apple! What are these lines?"

10:35 - DM: "There's three of them. They are part of the entire structure of the phone. It's the primary structural element of the phone and there are these three slits on it. This is part of some brilliant engineering. The stainless steel band is part of the antenna system.

10:35 - DM: One of them is Bluetooth, WI-Fi and GPS, the other is UMTS and GSM.

10:35 - DM: The integrated antenna right in the structure of the phone.

10:35 - JS: I think maybe the band on the right side of the phone is just for symmetry.

10:36 - DM: All new design; thinnest smartphone ever; stainless steel for strength; glass for optical quality and scratch resistance, integrated antenna; extraordinary build quality.

10:36 - DM: All new design for iPhone 4. And that was the first bullet point.

10:36 - JS: Retina display! Identify for retinal scan?

10:37 - DM: #2: This is a biggy. "Retina display. What's that?" Every display has pixels. In retina display dramatically increasing pixel density. Four times as many pixels in same amount of space. "Let's say we want to draw the letter A."

10:37 - DM: Can get far more precision the more pixels we have.

10:37 - JS: The point here is that text on the iPhone 4 will be clearer than laser-printed text, because it's 326 pixels per inch.

10:37 - DM: Because there's four times as many pixels, they get really really sharp text. It's 326 pixels per inch. (That is a hell of a lot of pixels.) Never been a display like this on a phone. People haven't even dreamed of a display like this on the phone.

10:38 - DM: There's a magic number around 300 ppi is the limit of the human retina to differentiate.

10:38 - DM: Text looks like a fine printed book.

10:39 - DM: A comparison of the two, and you can see the difference. It's less fuzzy. "Once you've used a retina display, you can't go back." Demonstrating difference in kanji.

10:39 - DM: Images and video as well. Looking at the same image on a normal display and a retina display.

10:39 - DM: Here's a demo.

10:40 - DM: They had to get special projectors for this, because most projectors can't display this many pixels.

10:40 - DM: Here's the NY Times.

10:41 - DM: "Our networks in here are always unpredictable."

10:41 - DM: It's reallllly slow. "You could help me out, if you're on Wi-Fi, you could just get off."

10:42 - DM: Switching to backups. "I have a feeling we might have the same problem."

10:42 - DM: Got an error message on one about not being subscribed to a cellular data plan.

10:42 - DM: "Well, geez. I don't like this."

10:42 - DM: He's going to show off some pictures.

10:43 - DM: Looking at the difference in the photos. "It kinda just comes down to "what do you want to be looking at all day."

10:43 - DM: It's loading slowwwwwwly.

10:43 - DM: "Scott, you got any suggestions?"

10:44 - DM: Some wag just yelled. "Verizon!"

10:44 - DM: "Actually, we're on Wi-Fi," said Steve.

10:44 - DM: "We're gonna hope things get fixed before my next demo here."

10:44 - JS: I actually think that might be the biggest demo failure in recent Apple memory. Not since Steve threw that digital camera....

10:44 - DM: Retina display is 3.5 inch, but 960x640 display (4x time as much pixels); 326 ppi; 800:1 contrast ratio, which is 4x better than 3GS.

10:44 - JS: It's always hard to trust live demos on the Internet.

10:45 - JS: IPS display like the iPad and iMac means that it'll have great color fidelity, brightness, and angle of view

10:45 - DM: Using the same IPS tech that they use in iPad/iMac. Provides better color and wider viewing angle. Better than OLED, Steve thinks for these types of display. Incredibly sharp text, images, and video.

10:45 - DM: 78% pixels on an iPad on the iPhone.

10:45 - DM: Existing apps run fine on retina display, but look even better, because iPhone OS automatically renders text in higher resolution, and all controls.

10:46 - DM: If you do a little bit of work and open up the app and put in higher resolution artwork, they'll look stunning. "So we suggest that you do that."

10:47 - DM: We don't think anybody's going to come close. Your display is your window into the Internet, into your media, into your apps, into your software. Most important single component into the hardware. It's the best window on the planet.

10:47 - DM: #3: iPhone 4 is powered by the A4 chip.

10:47 - DM: Designed by our Apple's own team; pull the back off the phone and you'll see that it's packed to the gills. There's the A4 chip, and it's pretty tiny.

10:47 - JS: Because the iPhone 4 is 2x horizontally and vertically of the iPhone display, existing apps won't look weird if they're not updated. They should look just like regular iPhone apps.

10:48 - DM: Micro SIM tray. Went to micro-SIM because they need the space. Biggest single component in the phone is the battery. They made it a little bit bigger.

10:48 - JS: The battery's a little bit bigger, Jobs says. Wait for it...

10:48 - JS: 40% more talk time.

10:48 - DM: Because the battery is bigger and because the A4 is so good at power management, the battery life is better. Up to 40 percent more talk time, from 5 hours to 7 hours; 6 hours of 3G browsing; 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing; 10 hours of video; 40 hours of music; 300 hours of standby.

10:49 - DM: Environmental report card: arsenic free, BFR-free mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable materials.

10:49 - DM: Up to 32GB of storage; Quad-band HSPDPA/HSUPA. 7.2Mbps down; 5.8 Mbps up. "That's theoretical because the carriers don't support it yet…" Dual mic for noise suppression; 802.11n; GPS + Bluetooth.

10:49 - JS: 802.11n so you can use the iPhone 4 on 5GHz 802.11n networks...

10:50 - DM: #4: Another cool piece of hardware. Remember the accelerometer? The iPhone 4 is adding a gyroscope.

10:50 - JS: Adding a gyrosope! That's pretty wacky. Will there be a superconducting levitating magnet in the iPhone 5?

10:50 - DM: 3-axis gyro (angular velocity); pitch, roll, & yaw; rotation about gravity; gyro + accelerometer provide 6-axis motion sensing. New CoreMotion APIs that developers can call; extremely precise position information. Perfect for gaming.

10:50 - DM: Standard in every iPhone 4.

10:50 - DM: Here's a demo!

10:51 - DM: "And since this demo does not require the network…I should be okay."

10:51 - DM: Showing off a rotating tower of blocks. Much more precise movement and it rotates around the axis. Very cool.

10:51 - DM: He's playing Jenga!

10:52 - DM: "I practiced this a little bit."

10:52 - DM: Never has a crowd of geeks been so enraptured.

10:52 - DM: He lost his tower!

10:53 - JS: Jobs is spinning around in a circle while playing Jenga. Basically we are going to start seeing people on the streets making weird motions while they play their iPhone 4 games.

10:53 - DM: Gyroscope joins four other sensors: accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor.

10:53 - DM: Phones are getting more and more intelligent about the world around them.

10:53 - DM: #5: A whole new camera system built into iPhone 4.

10:54 - DM: Everybody likes to talk about the tangibles in photography, like megapixels. But Apple says "How do we make better pictures?" They're different things.

10:54 - DM: Cellphone cameras are actually about capturing photons.

10:54 - DM: All about low-light photography. From 3 megapixel to 5 megapixel sensor, but using a backside illuminated sensor. A way of getting a lot more photons to the sensor by getting some of the wiring out of the way.

10:55 - DM: Most people increasing megapixels make pixels smaller. Apple kept the pixels the same size: 1.75 microns.

10:55 - DM: There's a 5x digital zoom built into the camera app. Tap to focus and there's now an LED flash.

10:55 - DM: Pictures that we're taking are pretty remarkable.

10:56 - DM: Completely unretouched photos taken by their employees.

10:56 - DM: "We think we've got a great camera built in…but that's not all."

10:56 - DM: Camera also records HD video.

10:56 - DM: 720p at 30 fps.

10:56 - JS: The photo samples are impressive. The iPhone 3GS camera was already good; in fact, better than many other phone cameras with more megapixels. I would imagine this will put Apple way ahead on that score.

10:57 - DM: Tap to focus video as well. And built-in video editing for trimming clips on the phone and there's one-click sharing and the LED flash.

10:57 - JS: 720p video has arrived on the iPhone. That makes the case for the Flip Video a lot less compelling.

10:57 - JS: iMovie for iPhone!

10:57 - DM: They've actually written iMovie for iPhone.

10:58 - DM: They're going to show it off. They're bringing out Randy Ubillos, the chief architect for all video apps.

10:59 - DM: You get a list of all your projects. Tapping on them brings up editing environment. Flip through clips.

10:59 - DM: You can record directly into timeline or choose from existing clips and photos. (It looks a lot like iMovie '09).

10:59 - DM: You can add photos in if you want.

11:00 - DM: Photos automatically get Ken Burns effect. You can also use theme transitions.

11:00 - DM: Can add titles too.

11:01 - DM: Camera records geolocation info as clips are recorded, so it can pull it right out of there. You can add music from your iTunes library or use Theme music.

11:01 - DM: You can switch to a different theme.

11:02 - DM: It automatically changes everything and it even shows you your location on a map in the Travel theme.

11:02 - DM: Export from 360p to 720p HD.

11:02 - DM: Here's a project made all on the phone.

11:03 - DM: That was pretty impressive, I have to say.

11:03 - JS: iMovie for iPhone looks great. I was desperate for this last year when the 3GS added video shooting. There will be whole movies shot on the iPhone 4, trust me.

11:03 - DM: Steve's back. "Isn't that awesome?" iMovie for iPhone will be available for $4.99 "If we approve it," quips Steve.

11:04 - DM: "Our guys were running around like crazy backstage, as you can imagine. There are 570 Wi-Fi base stations operating in this room."

11:04 - DM: "Oh we either turn everything off or we don't see the demos."

11:04 - DM: "Several hundred of these things are the MiFi."

11:05 - DM: He's making us narc each other.

11:05 - JS: Steve is telling us to shut off our MiFi. ain't gonna happen, Steve.

11:06 - JS: Now that Steve has told us to turn our stuff off....

11:06 - JS: New name: iOS 4!

11:07 - DM: Over 1500 new developer APIs.

11:07 - DM: There's some great stuff in there.

11:07 - DM: Lot of apps using new APIs.

11:07 - DM: Weren't first with multitasking just like they weren't first with cut-and-paste.

11:08 - DM: A quote from Larry Page. "…software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery life." "yes it does," said Steve.

11:08 - DM: "Unless you do it right."

11:08 - DM: Best in the industry for controls. Audio playback, orientation lock.

11:08 - DM: Folders.

11:08 - DM: Here are some demos.

11:08 - DM: We'll see if they work without the WI-Fi on

11:08 - JS: It had to happen eventually. iPhone as the OS name exits, stage left. It's all for the best.

11:08 - DM: Playing some Jack Johnson on Pandora.

11:09 - DM: Launching Mail as the song plays back.

11:09 - DM: Going to a web page.

11:09 - JS: So, both Google and Apple have had demos foiled by networking, where they've had to ask the audience to turn off their devices.

11:09 - DM: Works great now.

11:10 - DM: Pausing Pandora, showing off some stuff in Mail.

11:10 - DM: There's now the unified Inbox, or any of the other inboxes.

11:10 - DM: Switch really fast.

11:10 - DM: There's also threading with the number next to the arrow.

11:10 - DM: Show all of the messages from a single conversation

11:10 - JS: Yay! Demo of mail threading in iOS 4. That's... great.

11:10 - DM: Now he's going to show off folders.

11:11 - JS: I find myself desperate for that on the iPad. Of course, the iPad will have to wait a few more months...

11:11 - DM: Just hold your finger on an icon until it starts to jiggle, drag one icon on top of the other. Automatically names it based on the category of the apps.

11:11 - DM: "Boom, there's my four apps."

11:11 - DM: Can also put folders in the dock if you want to.

11:11 - DM: Really, really helpful.

11:12 - JS: I am now sitting on my MyFi. I feel like a criminal. A Wi-Fi criminal.

11:12 - DM: There are tons of new features everywhere. Multitasking, Folders, retina display integration,

11:12 - DM: Mail, unified inbox and threading, enhanced camera & photos apps, deeper enterprise support, new features everywhere.

11:13 - DM: The enterprise integration: even better data protection, mobile device management, wireless app distribution, multiple Exchange accounts, Exchange Server 2010, SSL VPN support.

11:13 - JS: Having a hard time typing "iOS4." That's... new.

11:13 - DM: On the consumer side, also adding an option for Bing search on the phone.

11:13 - DM: "Google will stay the default, but now you'll have one more search. Now you have three choices!"

11:14 - DM: "Microsoft's done a really nice job on this." (lines you never thought you'd hear at a Steve Jobs keynote).

11:14 - DM: Golden Master candidate of iOS 4 in developers' hands today.

11:14 - DM: It will be out soon.

11:14 - JS: Golden Master Candidate in devs hands today means, developers will now have something they can check against with their apps to make sure they're ready for release when the OS ships "soon."

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