Apple issuing Lala refunds, rounding up

Apple has begun contacting users of the now-defunct music streaming Website to offer them refunds for any unused portions of their subscriptions or store credits in the form of iTunes Store credit.

As an added bonus, the company is rounding the amounts that it is sending the customers up—to the next dollar for refunds up to $10, and to the next five dollars for higher amounts.

Apple purchased Lala, which specialized in streaming music over the Web under a subscription model, in December 2009, only to announce in April of this year that it would shut down the service at the end of May—a promise Apple made good on.

As is the norm, the company has not provided any guidance on what it might do with Lala’s technology or its personnel, although speculation ranges from the integration of social-networking features into iTunes to the streaming of audio and video content from Apple’s online stores through the Web.

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