Up close with the iPhone 4

Take a closer look at the new iPhone 4 and its operating system.

Horizontal chatting

iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature lets you chat in both landscape and portrait orientations, as well as use both the device’s front and back cameras.

Top view

While the top of the iPhone 4 retains the headphone jack and the Sleep/Wake button of previous models, the SIM tray has been moved to the device’s right side.

A side glance

The iPhone 4 now uses the smaller micro-SIM card that’s found in the 3G-enabled iPad, in order to leave more interior space for other hardware components.

Multitask 'til you drop

iOS 4, which will be included on the iPhone 4, allows you to quickly switch back and forth between apps. If you need to quit a currently running app you can do so by tapping the red icon in the top left corner.

Generation gap

While it’s the same height as its predecessor, the iPhone 4 (left) is both narrower and thinner than the iPhone 3GS. And, by the time you get one, probably less grimy too.

Get organized

You’ll be able to create space-saving folders of apps in iOS 4, which will automatically name them based on the type of applications that you group together.

PDFs in iBooks

In addition to e-books (pictured), the new version of iBooks will allow you to sync and read PDF files.

Take note

An upgrade to iBooks also adds the ability to attach notes, shown as small stickies, to passages of text. These notes get synced to all your devices wirelessly.


You can easily start a FaceTime session in a call or from a contact’s Address Book record.

A better screen

The iPhone 4’s “Retina display” (seen on the right) features four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS’s, resulting in crystal-clear text and images with no hint of jagged edges.

iPhone sandwich

Straight stainless steel edges make the iPhone 4 (on top) narrower than the iPhone 3GS, and also provide a convenient surface for holding onto the device, especially when snapping pictures.


The iPhone 4’s FaceTime video-conferencing feature works only over Wi-Fi, and can be initiated with another iPhone 4 user right from a phone call.


Seams on the iPhone 4’s sides actually divide portions of the stainless steel structure that are hooked into the device’s various antennas, allowing for stronger reception.

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