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It’s been a busy day, what with iPhone pre-orders and…er…complaining about iPhone pre-orders. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t fill you in on some of the other news stories that may have slipped through the cracks, so we’ve packed them into the remainders for June 15, 2010.

Motorola, Verizon announcing ‘next generation of Droid’ on June 23 (Engadget)

Because you’re dying to know, the next major Droid push is happening next week at an event featuring executives from Motorola, Google, Verizon, and Adobe. It’s like a rogues gallery of Apple nemeses! And they’ve scheduled it for June 23, the day before the iPhone 4 launch! Make that a rogues gallery of bumbling nemeses.

AT&T now taking iPhone 4 orders in pen and paper (Gizmodo)

The epitome of today’s trouble iPhone pre-orders: some AT&T stores are taking customer orders via pen and paper. I guess with friends like these, who needs nemeses?

I was wrong about Apple iPad (Betanews)

After trashing the iPad, tech pundit Joe Wilcox has retracted his statement. Boy, this oughta be fu—“Yes, I was wrong. I admit it. Flail me in Betanews comments or other blogs. Surely Macheads will peck away even my bones.” Aw, Joe, you being a stand-up guy really takes all the fun out of this.

Apple, 26 other companies charged with patent infringement (The Loop)

Apple has once again found itself on the receiving end of legal action, along with 26 other companies, for allegedly violating a patent that inovlves automatically resetting software settings to defaults upon detecting problems (in Apple’s case, the specific software mentioned appears to be iTunes). As so often happens, the suit seems to have been filed by a “software” company that you’ve never heard about and doesn’t even have its own Website.

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