Ten One Design's Particle Case comes bundled with stylus

If you prefer handwriting to typing on the iPad, or you simply want to draw on your iPad with a more graceful tool than your fingers, a Pogo Sketch stylus could be your ticket to happiness. Wait, you also need a protective case for your iPad? Well this is your lucky day, because Ten One Design has released the Particle Case: an iPad case that comes bundled with a Pogo Sketch stylus and features an integrated clip on the side to keep the stylus securely in place.

The Particle Case is made of light weight, shock absorbing material that provides impact protection for the edges of your iPad. The case features an open-air back designed to keep your iPad running cool, and rubberized feet to keep your iPad stable on any surface. The included Pogo Sketch stylus is crafted from light-weight aluminum alloy and features a soft tip designed to work with Apple's MacBook trackpads and touch screen products.

The Particle Case sells for $35—a solid deal given that the Pogo Sketch retails for $15 on its own.

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