Great travel gadgets for photographers

If you're on the road and snapping pictures, these items can make the traveling experience more enjoyable and the final photos more impressive.

Rugged for the road

If you're planning trips to the great outdoors, you're going to need a camera that can afford to take a few hits like the waterproof, freezeproof, and shock resistant Casio EX-G1 ($230), or similarly sturdy Lumix DMC-TS2. For more of this season's tough cameras, check out our slideshow of rugged point-and-shoots.

Power up

If you need to recharge your equipment but are miles from the nearest wall socket, a solar-powered charger can be just to trick you need to keep you and your camera going. Solio has great options, including its Rocta-H1000 ($70) and the Classic-i ($80).

Connecting it together

Apple's iPad Camera Connector Kit ($29) allows you to quickly load all your pictures into your iPad, giving you another source to backup your photos and a way to instantly preview them while away from the computer.

Tag, you're it

To easily pinpoint the location your images were taken, consider the Gisteg PhotoTracker ($99) which tracks and stores geotagging data while you roam. If you have an iPhone, the PlaceTagger app ($10) keeps track of your locations as well. You can sync data from both options with your images when you return home.

A shoulder to lean on

For shorter trips when caring all of your equipment would be excessive, opt for a shoulder bag or a backpack. These Tamrac camera bags are great for carrying all your photography gear in a small and organized space.

Packing that backpack

If you are bringing a lot of camera accessories on your trip, a Lowepro camera backpack is a better option, with more room and even weight distribution for your back.

Keep it safe

Digital Foci's Photo Safe II ($150 for 250GB or $219 for 500GB) is a portable external drive that lets you store your photos for safe keeping while you're on the go.

In the loop

The LumaLoop ($60) is a sling that allows you to leave your camera at your side like a normal strap, but it disperses the weight evenly, and makes sliding your camera up for a quick shot easy.

Steady does it

A lightweight tripod, like the Velbon CX444, is perfect for keeping your camera steady for capturing great scenic images. Investing in a quality tripod head, like the Acratech's Ultimate ($290), will give you even more control over your camera angles.

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