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We bid adieu to the Microsoft Kin, but it’s okay because people are plenty happy with their iPads. And more light is shed on the iPhone 4’s gyroscope and its reception issues. At least one of those makes for fun games—we’re not telling which. You’ll have to read the remainders for June 30, 2010 to find out.

iPhone 4 gyroscope teardown (iFixit)

As if they hadn’t already gone far enough by tearing down the whole iPhone 4, the iFixit crew teamed up with Chipworks to tear down the iPhone 4’s new gyroscope. But they will not be happy until they’ve managed to render the device into its component atoms.

The state of iPad satisfaction (Technologizer)

Technologizer did a survey of 6,000 iPad owners to determine how much they like the device. The answer: quite a bit, except for the Notes app and the omission of printing capabilities. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet? Steve Jobs destroys a planet every time somebody complains about not being able to print!

The real story on iPhone 4’s antenna (AnandTech)

AnandTech founder Anand Shimpi and writer Brian Klug take one of the most in-depth looks yet at the iPhone 4’s reception issues. Turns out the situation’s a mixed bag—while the signal does suffer from contact with skin, the iPhone 4’s antenna is actually better than most phones. So, for those keeping score at home…we’re still really confused here.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Kin (CNet)

Despite releasing the new social-networking-focused phone just last month , Microsoft has announced that it’s killing off the Kin and merging the team, run by former MacBU head honcho Roz Ho, with the Windows Phone 7 folks. Man, if Microsoft gets any faster it’ll be killing projects before it even releases them—ooh, sorry Courier team.

BREAKING: Woot to be acquired by Amazon, then left to amuse ourselves (Woot)

Woot, the one-deal-a-day shopping site, has been snapped up by Amazon. Mainly because the company was apparently the only thing on sale today.

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