Dealing with the unlockable iPhone

Reader Arthur Baker can’t seem to keep his iPhone awake. He writes:

At one time I was able to keep my iPhone from going to sleep by choosing the Never command in the Auto-Lock screen. I just looked at that screen on my iPhone and the Never option has disappeared. Did Apple remove it with iOS 4?

No, this is a long-standing issue (issue, not bug). I will bet one doughnut that you’ve added an Exchange account to your iPhone. Security settings within Exchange servers can be (and often are) configured so that your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch, for that matter) is required to lock after a certain period of time. Thus, the Never option disappears because Never is not an option.

And it makes sense. If you’re carrying around state secrets on your iPhone, have chosen to never lock it, and leave it in the Russian embassy’s back bedroom, you’re in for a rough time at the next yearly review.

To deal with the issue, you might send a note up the line to the group that administers your Exchange account and see if there’s anything that can be done.

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