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It’s a day of quotes—many of them ill-advised—here at remainders central. Everything from Apple responding to Psystar (ha, thought you’d heard the last of those guys, huh?), AT&T promising to improve their data network (don’t laugh!), and a developer taking on Steve Jobs (uh oh). Read on, if you dare, for the remainders for Tuesday, July 13.

Apple responds to Psystar appeal in Mac clone battle (The Mac Observer)

Apple has taken time out of its busy schedule not responding to iPhone 4 reception issues to file an Answering Brief to Psytar’s Opening Brief in its appeal case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. While Psystar is keeping its brief sealed, Apple apparently has no such concerns, opting for an open response which—to my amazement—does not simply read: “Thpbbbbbpt.”

AT&T CTO: ‘We will move heaven and Earth’ to improve our network (MobileBeat)

AT&T, we’d love to believe you when your Chief Technology Officer says at a conference that you plan to improve your data network, but we’ve just been burned one too many times to give it credence. But anyway, as long as you’re moving the Earth, could you shift my apartment somewhere where it actually gets reception? Thanks bunches.

Develop 2010: Unity on how games are everywhere (Mobile Entertainment)

Speaking at a developer conference on Tuesday, Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason took a shot at Apple CEO Steve Jobs, presumably in response to Apple’s ban of third-party code layers such as Flash. Said Helgason, “[Jobs] doesn’t understand the economics of game development fundamentally.” [Well, to be fair, if Steve wants a game, he just gets his guys to build Jenga for him.

Fring’s mis-use of Skype software was damaging to our brand and reputation (Skype)

If you haven’t been following the ping-pong match that is Fring and Skype bickering, let me explain. No, wait, there is too much—let me sum up. Fring updates its iPhone program, which allows users to login to their Skype account, with video chat capability for the iPhone 4. Then, video chat mysteriously disappears from Fring. Fring blames it on Skype and calls them “cowards,” Skype says it was all Fring violating their agreement terms, and that Fring dropped its Skype support of its own accord and, well, nobody really knows what the heck is going on.

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