Apparently Apple makes this device call the Macintosh—something like a big iPad that you control with a keyboard and mouse. This Macintosh runs things called applications, which are like apps, but with more syllables. And some of these applications are not only great, but inexpensive.

To honor some of these applications we present our third annual GemFest—month-long daily reviews (excluding Sundays) of some of the best inexpensive software made for the Mac. Macworld’s resident Gemeister Dan Frakes joins online executive editor Philip Michaels to discuss GemFest 2010.

Prior to that discussion, I ponder whether—in the face of iPhone 4 antenna issues and Apple’s scattered response to same—those defending Apple and vilifying its critics do more harm than good.

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Show Notes

In the early part of the podcast I referred to the iPhone 4 and its antenna issues as well as Consumer Reports’ review of the device. We’ve covered the iPhone’s antenna in Report: Users Having iPhone 4 Antenna Issues and Answers to Your iPhone 4 Questions: The Antenna Issue. And we note Consumer Reports findings in Consumer Reports Knocks iPhone 4 For Reception Issues.

We have a mean mess of Mac Gems in the offing in the next 30 days or so. To keep up with them, visit our Mac Gems blog page early and often.

During his segment, Dan Frakes mentions a number of all-time Gems favorites. These include:

Dan also spends some time highlighting new entries in this year's Gems-Fest, including Soulver, Compartments, and Home Inventory. Updated favorites include Witch and Jitouch.

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