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Sure, Apple made a hojillion dollars this quarter, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the tech industry has rolled over and died (they haven’t, right?). Google’s finally got some wind in its sails, Samsung wants no part of Apple’s reception foofaraw, and Microsoft is still trying to hit the moving target that is the future. Lean back, grab a beverage, and enjoy the remainders for Tuesday, July 20.

Reducing our carbon footprint with the direct purchase of renewable energy (Google)

Google’s purchased a ton of power—they measure power in tons, yeah?—from a wind farm to power several of its data centers. The company has also hired pundit John Dvorak to generate a steady stream of wind.

Samsung blasts Apple’s phone reception claims (The Korea Herald)

Samsung joins the ranks of RIM, HTC, and Nokia in defending its smartphones’ reception from Apple’s attacks, saying “there is no room for such problems to happen in the future.” Let me get this straight: Samsung can see into the future, but they can’t make a better phone?

Microsoft prices Kinect at $149.99, announces new Xbox 360 (PC World)

Can’t wait until you can jump up and down with joy and your game console knows what you’re doing? Microsoft has priced its motion-detecting Xbox peripheral, the Kinect, at $150; you can also get an Xbox bundle with Kinect included for just $300. I’ve already started to miss the days when I only got tired from playing real sports.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad gets FCC approval? (Engadget)

A mysterious Bluetooth device with Apple’s stamp on it has passed testing at the Federal Communications Commission. Engadget thinks it’s a Bluetooth trackpad, but my crystal ball tells me that it is in fact the much-awaited Apple tablet device, the iPa—what’s that? That came out already? Blast.

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