Things Touch for iPhone gets alarms, multitasking

Staying productive on-the-go just got productive-ier, thanks to Culture Code’s release of a big update to Things for iPhone and iPod touch, its powerful task manager.

Things 1.6 for iPhone is the big iOS 4 and iPhone 4 update—you can look forward to Local Notifications for task alarms, multitasking that allows you to switch between apps without losing your place, TextExpander support, and a “major code overhaul” to the task entry process to make it more responsive and squash a bunch of bugs.

The adoption of Local Notifications, one of the other multitasking features in iOS 4, is particularly useful. Unlike Push Notifications, users do not need to have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to receive a task alarm; it also makes it easier for the developers who have one less Web service to manage.

A handful of other bugs and behavior quirks have been ironed out in Things 1.6, including project management, tag editing, and some issues that could cause crashes.

Things 1.6 is available now in the App Store for $10. As of this update, Things now requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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