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Apple’s got its head in the cloud, which might explain why it hasn’t released an update to one of its iPhone apps in a long time. Also, one prankster mucks about with an iPhone floor model and the original prankster himself, Steve Wozniak, tells us a bedtime story holds a press conference. If you can keep your eyes open, you can read the remainders for Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

Apple’s plan for Lala cloudier than ever (CNet)

According to CNet, Apple still hasn’t quite figured out what it’s doing with cloud-based music provider Lala, which it bought last December. However, the team from Lala is reportedly focusing most of its efforts on some sort of video-related feature, which we can only hope is the long-awaited premiere of the Apple TV Take—what take are they on now? 74?

Apple is run like a huge startup. The key to great products is small teams (Sachin Agarwal)

Speaking of juggling projects, Posterous CEO and former Apple engineer Sachin Agarwal says that he knows the guy behind Apple’s Remote iPhone app and the reason it hasn’t been updated in 8 months is because the engineer is busy with other projects. In related news, the guy behind the Newton has been totally slammed for the last 13 years, but seriously, there's an update right around the corner.

Prankster jailbreaks Apple Store display iPhone (Thinq)

A kid recorded himself walking into an Apple store and jailbreaking one of the display phones while not two feet away from several Apple employees, all of whom Steve Jobs has now had frozen in carbonite.

Steve Wozniak talks iPhone problems, Apple, Google, Steve Jobs and youthful idealism (YouTube)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave a short press conference at Campus Party in Valencia, Spain last week and talked about a variety of subjects including Apple and Google, the iPhone 4 antenna, and Steve Jobs. By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what a children’s book narrated by Woz would sound like, click on through.

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