Jumsoft releases collection of Keynote Themes

Your parents might have told you that presentation matters, but what about the presentation of your presentations? Well, that especially matters, so Jumsoft has a new line of ten Keynote Themes to keep your Keynote presentations looking fresh and stylish.

Jumsoft's ten new themes cover a variety of styles, from the clean-cut, professional look of the Enterprise theme and the sleek, serious minimalism of Glossy Black, to the cozy, welcoming Living Space and charming, vintage Signed & Sealed. Each theme was crafted by a crew of professional designers and, in turn, are aimed at professionals who desire upmarket quality at an affordable price.

Each theme includes 32 master slides which consist of a mix of bullet text and photo-oriented layouts. They feature custom bullets, matching tables, and easily readable charts, and all photo slides feature media placeholders to crop a placed image neatly into a custom shape. You'll also get a complementary set of 15 extra bullet graphics with each theme that you can use for further customization.

Each Keynote Theme sells for $19, and you can order and view previews of the themes at Jumsoft.

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