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Simplicity is often a desirable attribute for iPhone and iPad apps. The entire App Store and app experience seems to lend itself to allowing users to find good apps and get things done with them with a minimum of muss and fuss. The release of the iPad, with its relatively vast screen real estate, was accompanied by some apps that were more sophisticated than ones designed to accomplish similar tasks on the iPhone. But for the most part, users can get up and running and doing things with apps within a few minutes.

Counting the Hours: Easy Agenda’s standard daily view allows users to create a one-line entry for each hour.

Sometimes, however, ease-of-use and simplicity can be taken too far, and this is the case with Easy Agenda, a personal scheduling app from Diego Chiodini. Easy Agenda’s main screen consists of a page that contains the day and date in the upper-right-hand corner and a line for each hour from 6 a.m. to midnight. For each hour, you can type one line (which can go on well past the edge of the screen) of information. But still, you are restricted to one line only. Hours cannot be divided into segments. Agenda items cannot be created as repeating appointments.

Easy Agenda also enables you to draw (with one line thickness in one color) on a separate page, and you can combine material you type into a free-form text box with your drawing. As with the calendar page, text can be entered only in a single font in a single size and style. You can e-mail both drawing pages and daily agenda pages from within the app.

The developer has also included a six-month calendar, which allows you to easily tap on a date and enter an appointment or task or note. However, the app does not include “reminder” capabilities; when you get to that day, you’ll see what you have to do. The calendar, unfortunately, provides only a six-month view, divided into the year’s first six months and its last six months. If it is June, the last six months of the year cannot be accessed in the calendar view; you can only enter an item for a date past July 1 by flipping through daily pages one at a time until you arrive at the correct date.

Easy Agenda is clearly designed for those that have, well, a very easy agenda. Many simple “sticky note” apps would serve such users just as well.

[Jeff Merron is a freelance writer and editor living in North Carolina.]

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Easy Agenda

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