SmileOnMyMac unveils new name, broader focus

SmileOnMyMac is getting a new name, though it’s keeping its smile. The developer of Mac productivity tools announced that it’s changing its name to Smile.

The reason for the name change? After developing largely for Mac OS X since 2003, the company now makes software for the iPhone and iPad as well. The mobile version of TextExpander, for example, lets iPhone and iPad users convert short abbreviations into longer text snippets in a multitude of apps. More than 40 apps use the TextExpander SDK to take advantage of that app’s text expansion features.

“Now that we have TextExpander touch for iPhone and iPad, we’ve outgrown the SmileOnMyMac name,” company founder Greg Scown said in an e-mail announcing the new moniker.

The new name signals a broadened focus. In addition to its Mac work, Smile says it will continue to make software for iOS devices.

In addition to the mobile and desktop versions of TextExpander, Smile also makes PDFpen, a PDF editing application; DiscLabel, which creates and prints CD labels; and the PageSender faxing application.

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