Remains of the Day: Meet the Organic Avenger

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Steve Jobs can tear down his house, and you can become a Mushroom Maniac. There may or may not be boxing involved. Here, dear friends, are your Thursday remainders:

Apple - iPad - iPad is Delicious (YouTube)

Apple’s latest television commercial for the iPad showcases a host of adjectives to describe the device, from "artful" to "friendly." (The ad also tosses the not-necessarily-adjectival “learning” into the mix, though it clearly should say “educational” instead, if you ask me.) And if you can't guess which m-word the spot concludes with, you haven't been paying enough attention to Apple's PR machine.

Preservationists throw in towel in fight over Steve Jobs' house (Almanac News)

Steve Jobs’s quest to demolish his historic home and build anew predates the iPad, the Apple TV, and even the original iPod. Now, it looks like all the appeals are done, the lawsuits over, and Mr. Jobs can finally tear down those walls. Why Steve bought the home—which he’s called “one of the biggest abominations of a house I've ever seen”—is a bigger mystery than the iPad's lack of a camera.

How fashionable is your iPad? Oscar de la Renta unveils new iPad accessory (Signature9)

Numerous designers whose names I know I should recognize are either selling fashionable iPad accessories, or plan to soon. But if you want to clothe your iPad in snakeskin, with a case that costs only about $100 less than the base-model iPad itself, look no further than Oscar de la Renta. (Note: This is not the famous Oscar who boxes—I checked.)

New Whole Foods iPhone app released (The Statesman)

Brian Gaar says that the grocer’s new app lets you “collect health-based merit badges—and even brag about them online.” Methinks Gaar is forgetting that like the mythical tree in the forest, it’s not bragging if you have no friends to hear it. The app—this is true—will reward fungus devotees with the “Mushroom Maniac” badge; others might instead unlock the “Organic Avenger” trophy. All told, the app sports more than 70 badges, and I'd love to see your guesses as to what those might be in the comments below. I'll start off with three suggestions:

Sultan of Sushi

Holy Whole Wheat Breadster

Cereal Killer

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