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It’s a who’s who of tech industry folks in the news: we’ve got Steve Jobs talking branding, Paul Allen suing everybody, and Mark Zuckerberg trying to get a contentious trademark. Thrown in an iPhone-related injury and a mysterious job posting, and there should be plenty to tide you over for the weekend in the remainders for Friday, August 27, 2010.

Steve Jobs on branding (Zee HQ)

Check out this video of Steve Jobs, circa 1997, unveiling Apple’s Think Different ad campaign. And look, even then he was already wearing the black turtleneck and—gahhh, put on some pants, Steve.

Paul Allen sues Apple, Google, others over patents (Wall Street Journal)

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is suing pretty much everybody in the tech industry over a variety of patents. One company he’s not suing? Microsoft. Then again, that would probably be robbing Paul to pay, er, Paul.

Guess who is trying to trademark the word “face”? (And guess who is trying to stop it?) (TechCrunch)

If you guessed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, then you win our prize: a deep sigh, complete with eye-roll. Methinks Apple is going to have something to say about this. My question, though: what if someone just punches Mark Zuckerberg in the face? Is that a trademark violation?

Woman recovering from “Blackberry thumb” surgery (WTSP)

A Florida banker underwent surgery to remove inflamed tendons in her thumbs, due to her habit of spending 12 hours a day texting her clients on her iPhone. Sooooo…anybody had any experience with nose-typing?

CDMA inventor Qualcomm seeks ‘iPhone developer guru’ (AppleInsider)

Qualcomm, maker of the CDMA chips that power Verizon’s phones, is supposedly looking for an iPhone developer guru, according to a job posting on the company’s site. Of course, everyone and their mom thinks this means a Verizon iPhone is imminent, even when it’s obviously an iPhone version of Eudora. (Yes, Eudora fanboys, we know you’d buy it.)

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