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9:48 Jason Snell: Hi everyone, this is Jason Snell live from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco

9:49 Chris Breen: Hey everyone, I'm here at Macworld HQ to bring you the color commentary—in Apple's former rainbow colors, perhaps. And here's Jason as well.

9:49 Dan Frakes: While Chris is providing expert commentary, I'll be taking—and attempting to answer—reader questions throughout the event. So send your (relevant) questions using the comment box.

9:50 Jason Snell: Ground rules for comments: We'll only be posting live questions, not general comments, and ideally ones we can actually answer or comment on. :-)

9:50 Jason Snell: We love you all, but we'll be keeping the number of questions low so we don't flood the event with them. Thanks.

9:50 Jason Snell: It's a really warm day here in SF, but now we're in air-conditioned splendor. A Beatles cover was playing earlier -- NEWS ALERT -- but now it's Alanis Morrissette.

9:51 Chris Breen: I believe Alanis is with child. Could that be a clue to a spin off of an existing Apple product?

9:52 Jason Snell: This is Apple's annual Music Event. So: the focus will be, at least in part, on new iPods for the holiday buying season.

9:52 Jason Snell: Generally these events are limited to entertainment-related topics.

9:53 Jason Snell: So: Expect iPods and maybe video related stuff (a new AppleTV?) but probably not any news about, say, Macs. (Watch them prove me wrong.)

9:53 Chris Breen: The announcement for this particular event carries the picture of a guitar. Some have suggested this hints at GarageBand. We doubt it.

9:54 Chris Breen: Apple's stream has started—nice quality.

9:54 Jason Snell: Some questions in the comments about the iPad. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear a little about the iPad today, maybe even a hint about when iOS 4 might reach it. And it's a part of the iOS story regarding media.

9:56 Chris Breen: As expected, a full house. The stream shows us a room full of open laptops. So much for Apple preventing bloggers from posting from the event.

9:56 Jason Snell: GadgetDon points out it was "We Can Work It Out" playing earlier. Major tea-leaf-reading? Well, yeah, but then it was "You Learn" and now it's "Layla." So.. maybe not.

9:56 Jason Snell: Apple has kindly provided us real Wi-Fi today, perhaps as a reaction to the WWDC wi-fi debacle.

9:56 Dan Frakes: For those asking, you can view the event by going to and clicking on the live-event image in the bottom-left corner.

9:57 [Comment From Guest ] Who's remarkably mellow Layla is this?

9:57 Jason Snell: Clapton unplugged.

9:57 Jason Snell: We're hearing that the video steam of this event is of very high quality right now, which is sweet. Thanks for keeping us tuned in regardless—either you're a captive audience or you like some analysis with your live video. :-) Either way!

9:58 [Comment From Kevin ] Again, Jack johnson acoustic. UNPLUGGED...Wireless Streaming...wireless synching

9:58 Jason Snell: Kevin, that's the tea-leaf-reading winner so far.

9:59 [Comment From Dan Brodie ] Are you guys writing from Laptops yourselves or iPhones/iPads/iPods?

9:59 Dan Frakes: Sorry, we're all using laptops.

10:00 Jason Snell: Jobs is here.

10:01 Jason Snell: A shout out to Woz in the front row. Jobs is obviously on the Woz Promotion Bandwagon.

10:01 Jason Snell: "Really cool stuff" this morning, starting with retail update.

10:01 Chris Breen: The stream is delayed by about 15 seconds.

10:01 Jason Snell: Three stores he's proud of. Paris, second store in the city, near the opera house, a restored old building. Spent 18 months restoring it.

10:02 Jason Snell: Second store in China, opened in Shanghai. 40-foot high glass cylinder with staircase down

10:03 Jason Snell: And in Covent Garden, London. 2nd large store in London. Beautiful old building, restored.

10:03 Jason Snell: I think Apple Retail is the unsung hero of Apple's comeback. Not only financially successful, but gets the Apple brand in front of people who might otherwise never have tried it out.

10:04 Jason Snell: Apple Retail: 10 countries. Over a million visitors "some days" total.

10:04 Chris Breen: All these stores are lovely—and, likely, expensive properties. Shows Apple's confidence in a shaky economy.

10:04 [Comment From slurm ] can we turn the typing sound off?

10:04 Jason Snell: Yes, look for the little speaker graphic in the toolbar and click it.

10:05 Jason Snell: Now: let's talk iOS.

10:05 Jason Snell: iOS: "It's been a revolution in both touch and apps."

10:05 Jason Snell: It's made the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad possible.

10:05 Jason Snell: Here come the shipping stats: 120 million iOS devices shipped so far.

10:05 Chris Breen: Correction, the stream is a good minute behind the live event.

10:06 Jason Snell: 230,000 new iOS activations per day!

10:06 Jason Snell: (That's new activations, not updates of existing products.)

10:06 Jason Snell: App store totals now 6.5B app downloads.

10:06 Jason Snell: Doing the math for us: That's 200 apps every second.

10:07 Dan Frakes: Reminder: The Live stream is available only for iOS devices running iOS 3 or later, or Macs running Snow Leopard. And, yes, the stream is delayed, so you'll see comments from Jason and Jon about things you haven't yet seen in the streaming video.

10:07 Jason Snell: 25,000 iPad apps on the store now.

10:07 Jason Snell: iOS 4.1 introduced today!

10:07 Jason Snell: What's it's got: Lots of bux fixed, including proximity sensor, Bluetooth bugs, iPhone 3G performance bugs.

10:08 Jason Snell: Adding HDR photo support. Ability to upload HD video over Wi-Fi. TV show rentals. And Game Center for end users.

10:08 Jason Snell: Now some detail on those bullet points.

10:08 Jason Snell: High Dynamic range: Normally cameras have a specific range of light they can see, based on shutter. With HDR on the iPhone, it takes three different photos at once. One normal, one overexposed, one underexposed, and then merges them together.

10:09 Jason Snell: And the feature keeps both the normal photo and the HDR photo in the photos app, so you can compare them and use whichever you like.

10:09 Jason Snell: HDR photos can be really gorgeous—this is awesome that Apple is building it in...

10:09 Jason Snell: Will really make sunlit photos have much more detail that was previously blown out.

10:10 Jason Snell: GameCenter is "both APIs for developers, and an app called GameCenter right on the phone."

10:10 Chris Breen: HDR a very interesting feature. One point worth noting is that while it takes photos in rapid succession, camera shake can easily muck it up. May not be wise to try this after a large latte.

10:10 Jason Snell: It's all about multiplayer games. Allows you to challenge your friends, they can challenge you, and it'll auto-match you "if you don't have any friends." You can compare scores and discover new games your friends are playing.

10:10 [Comment From Guest ] What are end users? about game center

10:10 Dan Frakes: He means people actually playing games on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, rather than developers.

10:11 Jason Snell: (It remains to be seen how fast the HDR photos take. If it can snap those three in quick succession, it could be very cool.)

10:11 Jason Snell: Now, Mike Capps from Epic Games is coming out to demo GameCenter-enabled games.

10:11 Jason Snell: This is their first project for iOS.

10:12 Jason Snell: Code name: Project Sword. Action-packed roleplaying game with "epic sword battles."

10:12 Jason Snell: (Oh, some dude just dropped an enormous camera on the floor. Bang!)

10:13 Jason Snell: All the social integration in the game is done for them by GameCenter, so the game just pops up an invitation and they can quickly select their friends and play.

10:13 Chris Breen: On the way to the office, Dan and I talked about how we wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the person responsible for the stream if something goes wrong. I think that person's job is more than safe. The quality of the stream is lovely.

10:14 Jason Snell: Okay, so a guy just stabbed a demon in the chest with a sword live on stage. That's multiplayer gaming on iOS 4.1.

10:15 Jason Snell: iOS 4.1 available next week for iPhone and iPod touch, free download.

10:15 Jason Snell: Now! Sneak peek at the next iOS release, 4.2.

10:15 Jason Snell: 4.2 "will come a later this year" and "it's all about iPad." Bringing everything to iPad. iOS 4.1 with multitasking, folders, gamecenter, all of it. Plus: wireless printing!

10:16 Jason Snell: 'And we're adding something called "AirPlay," which we'll talk about later today.'

10:16 [Comment From Guest ] Will it work with 3GS (game center)

10:16 Dan Frakes: So far, Apple is saying only "for iPhone and iPod touch"—available next week as a free download from the App Store.

10:16 Chris Breen: Wireless printing is huge! One of the reasons people have questioned the viability of the iPad as a laptop substitute.

10:16 Jason Snell: Demo in pages, you can print, see Bonjour printers (it seems), then you print, and Print Center shows up in the multitasking dock.

10:17 Jason Snell: AirPlay: "Well, you know what AirTunes is. We're changing the name to AirPlay, because it's not just music anymore. You'll be able to stream video and photos as well, over Wi-Fi."

10:17 Jason Snell: Demo of iOS 4.2 running on an iPad.

10:18 Jason Snell: iOS 4.2 on iPad looks, well, just like iOS 4 on iPhone. (That's a good thing.)

10:18 Jason Snell: This demo is odd, since so far all this multitasking he's doing can be done on the iPad today. Mail and Safari and iPod already do this. :-)

10:18 Jason Snell: Okay, folders now. Works like you'd think. iPad fans will cheer. (However, the home screen is still the wide-spaced grid we've come to know and accept, if not love.)

10:19 Jason Snell: Steve admits, "we can't wait to get them on our iPad." It's coming out in November, Steve says. Free update for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

10:19 Jason Snell: So to sum up, Apple's really happy with iOS. And that's that update.

10:19 Chris Breen: Interested to see what AirPlay brings us. And what hardware it supports. Clearly you can't use AirPort Express or Base Station as they don't have video outs.

10:20 Jason Snell: Now, the entree for today. iPods. "This is our music event, where we unveil the cool music products we've got lined up for the holidays, and today's no exception."

10:20 Jason Snell: 275 million iPods have been sold in total.

10:20 [Comment From Guest ] is iOS 4.1 iPhone only or is the iPad included?

10:20 Dan Frakes: Guest: Steve said it's for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—so it's a "unifying" release, in that all three products will be running the same version of iOS.

10:21 Jason Snell: This year "we've gone wild with iPods" - all new designs for every single model of iPod.

10:21 Jason Snell: The new iPod shuffle, first. Showing the evolution of the shuffle, from the gum stick to the clip (yay! best iPod ever.), to the third generation (boo! a victim of the war on buttons).

10:21 Jason Snell: And now... "people clearly missed the buttons."

10:22 Jason Snell: "So let's make the best of both." New iPod shuffle HAS BUTTONS, plus VoiceOver and Playlists.

10:22 Chris Breen: Buttons? [sigh of relief] Good for Apple for relenting on this.

10:22 Jason Snell: I just clapped. Hooray.

10:22 Jason Snell: Built-in clip like the 2nd-gen shuffle too. But smaller.

10:22 Jason Snell: Basically it is a true combo of the 2G shuffle design and the 3G shuffle firmware with VoiceOver and playlists, and also added Genius mixes.

10:23 Jason Snell: (Folks, I suspect we'll be hearing more on AirPlay in a little bit..."

10:23 Dan Frakes: Funny, Chris and I were just saying, this morning, "Hope they give us the buttons of the 2G shuffle with the voice and playlist features of the 3G." Yay!

10:23 Jason Snell: Comes in 5 different colors: blue, green, gold, pink, silver. $49.

10:23 Jason Snell: Next up: iPod nano!

10:24 Jason Snell: 1G nano, white front. 2G nano, tall aluminum. 3rd gen fat nano gets no mention from Jobs at all. 4th gen taller screen, 5th gen even taller screen.

10:24 Dan Frakes: Correction: We meant 4.2 is for all iOS devices, not 4.1.

10:24 Jason Snell: "What can we do? We'd like to make it smaller and we'd like to make it better." So they've eliminated the click wheel, which means they've made it touch based. And so they've got a multitouch iPod nano.

10:24 Jason Snell: Screen has iPhone-style icons and you can swipe through pages.

10:24 Jason Snell: "It's very tiny."

10:25 Jason Snell: "It's so small, we're able to put a clip on it too. So it's instantly wearable."

10:25 Jason Snell: 46% smaller, 42% lighter than the previous nano

10:25 Jason Snell: Hard volume buttons, VoiceOver support, fM radio, Nike+, pedometer, and 29 languages

10:25 Jason Snell: 24 hour audio playback battery life.

10:26 Chris Breen: Hmm, here's another iPod that risks being put through the wash.

10:26 Jason Snell: Lots of different screens. Playlists, Artists, Genius, Radio, basically each feature is an icon like an iPhone app.

10:27 Jason Snell: Next/previous controls are on screen.

10:27 Chris Breen: So, not an iOS device, but rather the "traditional" iPod OS rejiggered for touch. This presents an issue for those who like to operate their iPod from the pocket (though it supports headphone controls).

10:27 Jason Snell: Swipe right or hold down anyplace to get back to home screen

10:28 Jason Snell: It sure looks like the iOS, Chris, but it might not be.

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